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Dalkia EDF:

We are a subsidiary of EDF Group and a leading provider of energy service, with operations across the Middle East and further afield. For over 80 years, we have been developing renewable and recovered energy sources, while helping our clients achieve energy savings and reduce their CO2 emissions. We are also a close-knit community and stand by our clients and partners through thick and thin. Together, we are rising to the climate challenge by implementing local solutions that are innovative, cost-effective, eco-friendly-and practical!

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Rooted in Saudi Arabia, Shaker Group forms a robust network, opening doors for regional ventures, hosting global brands and fostering lasting bonds. Our commitment to our partners’ needs drives our journey, which evolved from Jeddah beginnings to a major distribution network. Hussein and AL-Hassan Ghazi Shaker Bros. For Modern Trading Co. LTD is the latest company to carry our legacy the way others have since the group’s founding in 1950. Utilizing AC expertise, we’ve redefined home appliances and AC solutions for the Saudi market. Our dedicated teams ensure an exceptional customer experience, embodying our ethos in every interaction.

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GORD is a non-profit organization spearheading MENA region’s sustainability milieu. Headquartered in Qatar Science and Technology Park, GORD drives the transformation of societies, industries and the built environment by influencing corporate ethos, fostering innovation and developing capacity to enable low-carbon sustainable growth for present and future generations.
The organization’s key operations include RDI, standards setting, green buildings certification, accreditation services, voluntary carbon markets, performance testing, knowledge dissemination and advisory services on sustainability and climate change in line with Qatar National Vision 2030 and United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).
GORD furthers its sustainability drive through its centers of excellence and affiliates. The organization has five centers of excellence, namely GSAS Trust, GORD Institute, GORD Academy, GORD LABS and GORD Advisory, in addition to two affiliates – Global Carbon Council (GCC) and Global Accreditation Bureau (GAB).
GSAS Trust is responsible for the development and implementation of the Global Sustainability Assessment System (GSAS). GSAS is Middle East’s first performance-based green building certification system. Representing green building regulations within Qatar Construction Specifications, GSAS is aimed at improving the design, construction and operations of buildings while also identifying sustainability challenges specific to MENA’s built environment. More than 1,500 projects including districts, neighborhoods, infrastructure projects and wide range of building typologies have been registered under GSAS in Qatar and GCC.
GORD Academy fosters knowledge dissemination by delivering training and education programs aimed at green building skills and in-depth understanding of climate actions and decarbonization. Throughout the year, this Center of Excellence conducts several workshops to train professionals in pursuing sustainable D&B, construction management, operations and energy assessment, in addition to organizing workshops on climate change. The academy has trained more than 5,000 candidates through 150+ workshops.

GORD Institute is the research wing of GORD. The Institute develops novel technologies that foster its vision for sustainable development in the built environment. It is engaged in multidisciplinary long-term research projects in areas of eco materials, energy efficiency, HVAC solutions, environmental sciences, renewable energy, and carbon & climate change. The Institute runs its multidisciplinary scientific research programs through its own resources as well as its partnerships with local and international institutions. Outcomes of the R&D activities include several patented technologies and software packages in addition to books and peer reviewed articles.
GORD LABS is a pioneering third-party testing facility offering high quality and reliable testing services in Qatar’s flourishing market shaped by a rapid influx of competitive products arriving from all parts of the world. The internationally accredited independent facility tests and verifies the energy efficiency and performance of air conditioning units, LED luminaires and home appliances against their electrical consumption as well as safety performance.
GORD Advisory is a Center of Excellence that is committed to helping organizations optimize their strategies and operations to reach environmental excellence and guide them through their decarbonization and carbon mitigation efforts. Sustainability experts at GORD Advisory strategize entities’ sustainable development through tailormade solutions customized to provide the best fit between their business needs and environmental sustainability targets.
Global Carbon Council (GCC) is MENA region’s first voluntary carbon market with international reach. It facilitates global stakeholders in implementing climate actions through a voluntary carbon offsetting program. The overall purpose of GCC is to contribute to achieve Paris Agreement objective of limiting global warming to 1.5°C by developing relevant standards and framework for voluntary carbon markets to catalyze, enhance and leverage climate change mitigation finance globally and especially for MENA region. In the Global South, GCC is the only CORSIA-accredited international program. GCC is also accredited by ICROA.
Global Accreditation Bureau (GAB) is the first accreditation body established in Qatar by GORD as an independent legal entity to provide accreditation services to third party conformity assessment bodies (also known as Certification Bodies). It is also the first body in MENA which provides accreditation to ISO 17029:2019 & ISO 14065:2020 to organizations providing validation and/or verification of greenhouse gas (GHG) assertions. It is a member of the International Accreditation Forum (IAF) and the Associate Member of Asia Pacific Accreditation Cooperation (APAC). GAB complies with international standard ISO/IEC 17011 “Conformity assessment – Requirements for accreditation bodies accrediting conformity assessment bodies”.

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Smart EnerG+ is a pioneering force, created through a coming together of highly specialized professionals in the field of energy metering and management. It caters to the utilities and private infrastructure sectors across the Middle East and India.
It’s comprehensive portfolio seamlessly integrates advanced metering technologies for water, electricity, and BTU meters with cutting-edge communication solutions and AMI secure software systems.
Backed by it’s robust Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) framework, we empower clients with real-time insights, enabling them to optimize resource utilization and enhance operational efficiency.
With over six years of impactful operations, Smart EnerG+, with a deep understanding of the customer requirements, is dedicated to reshaping the landscape of energy management through customized end to end solutions. We continue to expand our presence, serving as a catalyst for sustainable growth in the region.

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Our company in Dubai is called Tevmo LLC (license 1129226) and is developing software for Heating, Ventilation, Air-Conditioning (HVAC) designers and manufacturers. Over 5000 HVAC manufacturer employees and HVAC designers daily use software developed by our team. Our software for HVAC designers is used to build energy model of almost any building, calculate cooling loads, heating loads, design and calculate VRF and chiller – fan coil air conditioning systems, ventilation systems, heating systems. Our software for HVAC manufacturers is used to select, calculate, manufacture, sale AHU, fans, chillers, rooftops, VRF systems and other HVAC equipment.

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Diarona District Energy will bring together UDEI’s cutting-edge district cooling technologies and expertise, with Marubeni Corporation’s knowledge and experience in the development and operation of infrastructure projects and the energy sector, and Ajlan & Bros Holding’s diverse portfolio in real estate and technology.
Through Diarona’s District Cooling Partner United District Energy International, an international arm of Qatar Cool, come over 20 years of experience and technical capabilities. The company has a track record of owning and operating 5 cooling plants in the state of Qatar, with a combined cooling capacity of over 200,000 tons of refrigeration.

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Daikin Air Conditioning Saudi Arabia is the sales affiliate responsible for all sales, service & after-market support in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. With our headquarters in Riyadh, branch offices in Jeddah and Dammam, local warehouse, and training center, we are committed to providing full-fledged service in technical support, installation, and commissioning for any project requirement.
Total comfort and service demands a complete product range of Splits, SkyAir, VRV systems, Controls, Air Cooled & Water Cooled Chillers, Air Handling Units, Fan Coil Units, & Modular Chiller Plants along with our continuous commitment to support all of our customers through the best solutions and reliable after-market support and service for all projects and installations across the region.

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  • Exhibition of technological solutions and specific networking opportunities
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