In November 2022, Empower undertook a massive IPO exercise, the first of its kind the world over for a District Cooling utility business. Empower reported the IPO a success. Subsequently, in December 2022, the Abu Dhabi Department of Energy (DoE) introduced a new Consumer Protection Policy in relation to District Cooling, amongst other utility services.

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Event Format

The conference includes a traditional mix of policy-related addresses, techno-commercial presentations, case study presentations and panel discussions, and focused and structured audience interactions to receive the maximum possible information from energy policymakers in the planning, energy, environment and Renewable Energy sectors; master developers; developers; Building Owner Associations; general & MEP consultants; general & MEP contractors; sectoral end-users (healthcare, hospitality, aviation, education, retail, etc.); manufacturers; suppliers; and O&M and other specialised district cooling service providers.

Quotes from Previous Editions


The event is the key to identifying opportunities in the district cooling sector. I will discuss the benefits of using this energy-efficient technology in buildings, airports, and large complexes.

- Ismail Al Marzooqi, Chief Executive Officer, South Energy

I will share how to effectively deploy an energy management plan using the district cooling technology. This is in keeping with my aim to increase its appeal across industries.

- Muna Al Nahdi, Manager, Energy Management, South Energy

This conference provides a great platform for DC utility providers to learn or share plant optimisation strategies that have actually worked.

- Fares Ahmad, General Manager, Emaar District Cooling